Thursday, October 19, 2006

BackgroundWorker - automating this handy class

BackgroundWorker objects are an addition to .NET 2.0 to simplify asynchronous programming and are very useful in (but not restricted to) Windows Forms.

The basic idea is:

  • Create a BackgroundWorker object
  • Set-up various events on it, like DoWork, RunWorkerCompleted, and ProgressChanged
  • Set-up various properties, like WorkerReportsProgress and WorkerSupportCancellation
  • Call RunWorkerAysnc

...then, in your form you get notified of progress and can cancel the operation at any time.

I've created a ReSharper Live Template that will help you create and set-up the BackgroundWorker object. You can download it here. For instructions on importing the Live Template into ReSharper, see my previous post here.

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