Monday, October 30, 2006

I Hate ClearCase - Part I

ClearCase isn't my favourite source control system.  I find the UI clunky and for the most part, it's way over engineered.

I've just tried deleting a file and I'm getting an error message that says:

Trigger "NO_RMNAME" has refused to let rmname proceed. 
Unable to remove "[file]".


My 20+ years of working with software - coupled with my powers of deduction, have led me to "guess" that this means I don't have the permission to delete a file! (I could be wrong;  I'm waiting for the in-house ClearCase administrator to advise!)

I'm going to stop using the advanced features of this software and continue with the basics...


Anonymous said...

It mean that your ClearCase admin has placed a trigger to stop people doing a rmname. Not sure why, good luck

Paul Kinlan said...

I know what you mean, however the more I use clearcase the more I like it, even though I really don't like it that much.... It just seems to work.... sometimes anyway...

I know I am not making much sense, but its enterprise level source control is yet to be matched in my opinion.

Just wish they had a decent merge tool! :)

Anonymous said...

I ran across this video of Clearcase today on YouTube. Reminds me of days at my last job. Hope I can sleep tonight.

Richard said...

Paul Kinlan; I for one whole-heartedly agree with your sentiment. Furthermore, I think I speak for the entire development team here (all avid ClearCase enthusiasts) in demanding an encore. Too few of us ClearCase fans dare stand against the onslaught of criticism levelled against this fine example of exemplary software. In fact, please consider founding your own blog; perhaps regaling us with tales of ClearCase triumphs. If you post the URL here, I can guarantee you a small band of regular readers.

Paul, good luck. We eagerly await your ClearCase commentary.

Anonymous said...

What exactly does that mean, "enterprise" source control? Perhaps I am ignorant of what makes it so special, but I fail to see that value in "Enterprise" software if it fails.

Source control should be one of the most reliable parts of your development environment. The fact that ClearCase fails so easily makes me believe it is just a really expensive version of Mercurial.