Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Beta Testing Windows Home Server

Time to try another beta OS from Microsoft. This time, Windows Homer Server.  Thirty seconds in and I'm getting my first error (well, it's better than waiting 30+ minutes like back in the days of the Windows 2000 beta!)
The error was "Could not initialize UI subsystem". I looked around the forums and found suggestions to try and set the DVD
as the first boot device. Mine already was. I then found a suggestion to use different DVD burning software. Rubbish I thought and carried on searching.
Having come to a dead-end, I tried what was suggested and downloaded the free 'ImgBurn' utility. This software is great. Not only did it fix the installation problem, but it's also a light-weight utility to burn stuff to CD's and DVD's (190mb for Nero 7, 1.5mb for ImgBurn!).  Sold!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Framework Design Guidelines

Framework Design Guidelines is a fantastic book about er, guidelines for designing frameworks (API's). Krzyztof, one of the authors, has now posted a video of a talk he did about this very subject.