Saturday, February 03, 2007

New version of the Code Formatter Plugin for Windows Live Writer

Version can be found here.  This update adds the ability to change the font - including the font name, size, style, and weight.


jv said...

Steve - alittle experimenting shows that your code works as expected. The problem is with teh blog template and CSS inheritance blocking I believe.

for a blog with your Code FOrmatter when it works correctly. The scroll bars turn on and word-wrap is suppressed.

for a discussoin of some of my tests.

If I can discover - with my limited CSS knowledge - what is going on I will post it to you.

jv said...

As promised -

Look at this in templates:
#main-wrapper {
width: 600px;
float: left;
/*word-wrap: break-word;*/ /* fix for long text breaking sidebar float in IE */
overflow: hidden; /* fix for long non-text content breaking IE sidebar float */

The style for the blog main has a hard word-wrap setting which when removed allows the scroll bars to turn on. YOu should be able to override this in your style. The comments note this is a fix for IE6 issues so it probably can't be removed without creating issues. Unfortunaltely it doesn't fix the same problems in IE7 so it's probably not an IE6 issue but a template bug.

By the way - your blog is using teh same template as mine so we both are seeing the same errors. Testing with a raw basic template shows no issues with you code.

jv said...

ActiPro has released version 4 of teh highlighter product. Bill at ActiPro has added Powershell semantic definition files to the sets. Your version will not load v4 files due to a restriction in the version you are using.

I may try a rebuild off your source if I have all of the pieces but I though you might want a heads-up if you haven't already noted the new version.

Fernando Madruga said...

Shorter version as the longer one got lost due to some internet weirdness... :(

1) Thank you for this plug-in;

2) After including one piece of code, paragraphs are displayed with too much space in-between (not on WLW but after posting); See my blog post here;

3) You can get an updated Pascal definition file that I improved on from v 4 from here. It works on your version of the plug-in as you can see from the above post.


Anonymous said...

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