Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New version of the Code Formatter plugin for Windows Live Writer now available.

The new binaries are here. One small bug fixed in the form where you edit the code: pressing return caused the OK button to fire. Doh! Thanks to JTB World for spotting it.


JTB World said...

Thanks! It works great with Enter now.

Depechie said...

Hey Steve,
The plugin works great !
But there is one small problem... when I start a new post in Live writer, using the Windows Live writer tray (http://wlwplugins.com/windows-live-writer-system-tray.php)
I get errors that the plugin can't find the files needed to show the code ! ( The XML files in the languages directory )

He's searching in the "Windows Live Writer Tray" root directory instead of the "Windows Live Writer" root directory !

Steve Dunn said...

Thanks for the feedback. I'll take a look at this in the next version.